What happened?

Sad and lonely
He is right there on the other end of the line. My friend. My oldest, dearest friend.
Right there.
And yet ... he isn't.
So near, just an "hello" away. But Mars couldn't be farther.

Almost, almost possible to grasp, the threads, the fabric of an old friendship. 
And yet ... the tiniest movement, just a touch with the fingertip and it's delicate structure shatters, fragmented, brittle from age and lye.
Withering to dust. 

What happend, the universe asked.
I don't know, I whisper. 

It was just there. Dark, creeping, stifling, suffocating. Coating everything with the absence of joy, the absence of life. 
Draining energy, draining laughter ...

Draining friendship. 

14. Februar 2020

This article was written by Mela Eckenfels

Mela Eckenfels schreibt seit 1997 das Internet voll, Sach- und Fachtexte für Geld und Spaß und Fantasy, Science Fiction sowie historische Literatur aus Passion. Nebenbei studiert sie Geschichte und Creative Writing an der Open University.

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