What happened?

Sad and lonely

He is right there on the other end of the line. My friend. My oldest, dearest friend.

Right there.

And yet … he isn’t.

So near, just an „hello“ away. But Mars couldn’t be farther.

Almost, almost possible to grasp, the threads, the fabric of an old friendship. 

And yet … the tiniest movement, just a touch with the fingertip and it’s delicate structure shatters, fragmented, brittle from age and lye.
Withering to dust. 

What happend, the universe asked.

I don’t know, I whisper. 

It was just there. Dark, creeping, stifling, suffocating. Coating everything with the absence of joy, the absence of life. 

Draining energy, draining laughter …

Draining friendship. 

14. Februar 2020

This article was written by Mela Eckenfels

Mela Eckenfels schreibt seit 1997 das Internet voll, Sach- und Fachtexte für Geld und Spaß und Fantasy, Science Fiction sowie historische Literatur aus Passion. Nebenbei studiert sie Geschichte und Creative Writing an der Open University.

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