Evolution of a Story: TMA 02 – Clustering

During the brainstorming session last sunday I worked out some ideas for the stories background, with the help of a fellow writer. We agreed that it would be a good idea to give the company that has built the ’sun remote control‘ a history that is overshadowed by a catastrophe so they would take desperate measures to proof that this remote control for our day-star is safe and no threat for humankind.

While drafting I recognised that I need to know what kind of catastrophe happened. My first though was about something like the big BP oil spill but an author need to know the details, even if they won’t be present in the final work.

Instead of blocking my writing flow for too long, I chose a technique taught in the A215 module: Clustering.

This is kind of mind mapping technique, where the writer starts with a central term and notes every word that comes into her mind and create links between them to form branches.


Clustering "Catastrophe"
Clustering „Catastrophe“

As you see, my thoughts hopped from one thing a big company possibly can mess up to another in the end I found the idea about accidentally induced continental drift and a sunken Australia the most intriguing idea.


What do you think? Is this just a tad too much drama?


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