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50 Great Short Stories

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The first TMA for A215 left us with the free choice between doing a piece of fiction, poetry or life writing. Against my usual preferences I choose life writing. Maybe I will publish the first TMA here, after the piece had cooled down a bit and I’ll find the time to do some rewriting.

For the second TMA the required form is “short fiction”. I used to read a good share of genre short fiction back in my teenage days – mostly science fiction – and I loved short stories by Wolfgang Borchert, but I over the time I’ve stuck more and more to the longer forms.

Our A215 tutor, Rachel, argues the best way to master the form of short fiction is to read a lot short stories. She is of course right.

So I’ve put myself on a strict short story diet for the next weeks that contains the goal of reading at least one story a day.

To prevent a dreary experience, I tried went for a healthy mix of literary fiction and genre (scifi) fiction. Partly from authors I already love, like Margaret Atwood, authors featured in our workbook, like Somerset Maugham and James Joyce, and some authors to newly discover.

The following books are part of my diet:

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